Dark Quiz (Test Your Knowledge)


A missing kid sets four families on an unglued chase for answers as they uncover a psyche bowing secret that traverses three ages. 

Starring:Louis Hofmann, Oliver Masucci, Jördis Triebel 

Creators:Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese
C Programming Language Output this code Quizzes 1

1. What job was Tronte working as in 1986?

2. Claudia Tiedemann was good at ?

3. Who is the Leader of the survivors in Winden?

4. What is the name of the dog (poodle)?

5. What Noah gave Elisabeth when she was way to her house?

6. in what age Michael Kahnwald was adopted by Ines Kahnwald ?

7. What is mean on The T-Shirt of one of the dead children "Atomkraft, nein danke"?

8. Who is Patient in a psychiatric ward?

9. Story travel back to which year?

10. The song young Ulrich is listening to is called '.......................' ?

11. Who is A time traveller, also known as "The Stranger"?

12. Who tries to close the circle and end the world?

13. How old were Mads Nielsen when he lost?

14. Season 1 Episode 4: What color umbrella Bernadette was holding ?

15. What is the name of Ulrich’s brother, who disappeared when they were children?

16. What tatto does Noah have on his back?

17. Which of the Men is not affair?

18. WWhat Does Ulrich Use To Try And Kill Helge?

19. How Many God Particles Are There?

20. What Does "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" Mean?

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