Vikings Quiz (Test Your Knowledge)


This abrasive dramatization outlines the endeavors of Viking saint Ragnar Lothbrok as he broadens the Norse reach by testing an ill suited pioneer who needs vision. 

Starring:Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen 

Creators:Michael Hirst
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1. Who did Ragnar kill in order to become king of Kattegat?

2. Who is the oldest out of these three Sons of Ragnar?

3. What century is Vikings set in?

4. Which Norse god do the Vikings look to when they’re travelling to the west?

5. What is the name of the monk Ragnar brings back from England?

6. How does Ragnar become the new Earl?

7. In season one, Aethelstan attempts to save a book during the Lindisfarne raid. Which book is this?

8. How old was Bjorn when he became a man?

9. Who is the mysterious wanderer in season three?

10. Aethelwulf is instructed to rescue Queen Kwenthrith - but by who?

11. In season four, where did Ragnar carry his son Ivar The Boneless to?

12. What is the name of Lagertha and Ragnar's daughter?

13. 'We have one life, so go and live it': Who does Lagertha say this to?

14. What is The Seer's final vision?

15. What were Harald's final words to his brother Halfdan?

16. What Does 'Lothbrok' Mean?

17. How Old Is Ragnar When Vikings Begins?

18. In The Opening Scene, Where Is Ragnar Fighting Along Side His Brother?

19. What Does Ragnar Use To Navigate The Sea When The Sky Is Overcast?

20. Where does Ragnar first raid?

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